JMT Consultants is a Canadian based global leader in providing quality end to end steel and concrete detailing and design solutions, including preconstruction modeling and design coordination, structural and miscellaneous steel detailing, connection design and stair engineering, concrete and rebar detailing, panel book detailing, estimate modeling and fabrication estimates, and more.

Our founder, James Tapper, launched JMT Consultants in 2008 to fulfill the growing demand for exceptional structural and miscellaneous steel detailing and design services that leverage technology and experience to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality or accuracy.

Our company has grown rapidly by not only providing quality work with exceptional speed and efficiency, but by also enhancing the client experience through continued adherence to our three pillars of service excellence:


Our team prioritizes your needs, and puts a strong emphasis on exceeding your expectations


Pricing, timelines, and project details are shared up front, and honoured throughout the project lifecycle


We build solid, long-term relationships by continually innovating and adopting practices that help enhance client service

In short, we always treat our clients the way we would want to be treated.

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Thanks to the JMT team’s commitment to our process, quality product and customer service excellence, the company now employs over 120 detailers, checkers, project managers and developers in Canada, the United States and India, and continues to provide industry leading solutions for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. Whether small and simple, or large and complex, we don’t choose our projects, we choose our customers and work alongside them on every project they take on.

World-Class Technology: Tekla Structures and PowerFab

Our in-house detailers specialize in using Tekla Structures to quickly and accurately create 3D models that cover every aspect of your scope, right down to the smallest detail. Whether working on a small building or a large and complex structure, not only will you get an accurate 3D model that can both be utilized for BIM coordination and extracting complete construction data. We will ensure that every potential issue is addressed and solved to minimize costly surprises in the field.

Global Support

Each of our offices in Canada, the United States and India is staffed by JMT detailers, checkers, project managers, estimators and developers. We never outsource projects to 3rd parties, every project is detailed by the JMT team, ensuring that every project is held to our highest standards of accuracy, quality and on-time delivery

Accelerated Scheduling

No matter what time of day, there’s a JMT employee using our world-class technology and systems to work on your project. This means we strive to turn around your project and any mid-project design changes without having to adjust compromise your construction schedule.

Competitive Pricing

With our “one-stop-shop” approach to providing complete end-to-end detailing and design solutions, we’re able to complete costs low without compromising schedule or the quality of our work.

Exceptional Customer Service

We strive to provide an excellent client experience from the start, our project managers help your team in managing the project, we’re not just your detailing and design solution provider, we’re your partner. We are with you every step of the way, helping make your project a success.

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